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Divorce in California involves possible alimony, split of assets

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2013 | Divorce |

When a couple goes through a divorce, they may struggle with a variety of emotions, from anger to hurt. In the midst of these emotions, it can be hard to concentrate on the crucial financial matters wrapped up in the divorce. However, failure to address these areas properly in California can actually cause financial ruin to an individual or prevent them from getting the assets that are due to them. One recent article describes why pursuing legal expertise is paramount in helping a person to maximize what is owed to them in a divorce situation.

When a person is getting a divorce, they are legally entitled to certain assets and even payments such as alimony and child support, depending on the couple’s situation. For instance, particularly if a person’s spouse earns a substantial amount of more money than they do, there’s a strong chance that they will receive alimony from that spouse. This is especially true if that person left a career in order to stay home and watch the kids.

In addition, this person in this case would also likely be awarded child support. Regarding assets, the couple can expect the court to split the assets evenly between the couple. If a person is trying to estimate an asset’s value, giving the wrong value to an asset can cause them to end up hurt financially, and it costs even more money to correct the issue legally.

In order to ensure the greatest level of success during a divorce proceeding, a person must be knowledgeable about their rights. If the couple can negotiate on how assets are divided and other important areas, then they can avoid having to involve a California court in their affairs. Legal guidance can certainly help an individual to protect their best interests when it comes to assets and alimony while working toward a fair solution with their spouse.

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