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Minimize costs in divorce proceeding in California

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2013 | Divorce |

When people in California think about divorce, the word typically sparks negative images in people’s minds. They imagine broken hearts and the loss of potentially large amounts of money. However, a recent article provides a few tips on how to make the usually stressful and costly process of divorce a lot less expensive.

First, a married couple who are getting a divorce should be willing to cooperate with one another. The more that a person is polite toward their estranged spouse, the more likely the two will be able to negotiate successfully on core areas. This will mean less time spent on the case and thus lower costs in the end.

Second, a person who is getting a divorce should be honest and disclose all information that needs to be included as part of the legal process of divorce. If they fail to do so and this information comes out later, the case will end up having to be examined and discussed all over again. This simply costs more time, money and stress.

Being informed will help a person who is getting divorced to understand how the divorce proceeding will ultimately affect them financially. By taking advantage of the opportunity to negotiate a divorce settlement with a spouse in California, the couple can avoid taking their case to court, where the judge can make decisions that may not necessarily appease either party. It is within the rights of each party to seek legal guidance so that the outcome of the divorce proceeding is as favorable to them as possible without further court intrusion.

Source: The Washington Times Communities, Which is more expensive, marriage or divorce?, Myra Fleischer, Sept. 30, 2013


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