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Enjoy the holidays post-divorce in California

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2013 | Divorce |

Getting a divorce can be one of a person’s most difficult and stressful experiences. This is especially true during the holiday season in California. An individual who is trying to move on with his or her life following a divorce can consider several strategies to stay positive and live a fulfilled life during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

First, it typically makes sense to go holiday shopping within one’s budget. There is no need to compete with an ex-spouse on a financial level, as divorce can impact a person’s finances and make it hard to spend as freely as before. In addition, it may help to be forgiving of the other party to the divorce in order to create a home environment filled with as much peace as possible.

When children are involved in a divorce proceeding, an individual also should not manipulate them into spending time with him or her during the holidays. The best goal may be to help them to enjoy the holidays while having minimal exposure to any stresses their parents may be feeling due to the challenge of co-parenting during the holiday season. Developing new traditions may even help to add a fresh twist to the holidays post-divorce.

Although a divorce proceeding can cause anxiety, especially near the holiday season, a person can accept a divorce as a ticket to move on and to start a brand new life full of new possibilities. Negotiating issues such as child custody and asset distribution may prevent the couple from having to go to court, where a judge may ultimately have to determine their futures — to their liking or not. Having an understanding of divorce laws in California and agreeing to cooperate with the other party could enable the parties to seek their own best interests– as well as those of their children — in an amicable and positive manner.

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