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Divorce may be inevitable in California, other parts of America

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2014 | Divorce |

Two people who have said their marriage vows, followed by “I do,” usually don’t expect to file for divorce after they’ve done so. Sometimes, however, the couple grows apart or experiences irreconcilable differences and thus feel that divorce is the only option in California. Many of these couples, according to recent research, are actually those who live in Southern states.

States in the South appear to have some of the highest divorce rates, while some New England states actually have some of the lowest rates. Poverty certainly may contribute to higher marriage dissolution rates in some parts of the United States. However, the explanation for why some areas of the country have more instances of divorce than others remains unclear.

Not surprisingly, research further shows that young people are impacted by the culture in which they find themselves. For instance, some areas stress the value of getting married and having children rather than focusing on careers. As a result, some young people decide to get married before getting established in their careers, and this can lead to financial issues and, subsequently, divorce.

Divorce may be inevitable in California when a couple simply can’t get along or agree on important areas such as having children or finances. However, people who decide to move on from a marriage will increase their chances of reaching a mutually favorable outcome if they can negotiate on essential matters such as property division, while also taking into consideration the other’s wishes. Striving to fulfill one’s own desires along with those of an estranged spouse essentially keeps the court from having to get involved and make decisions that may not be satisfactory to either party.

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