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Chick flicks may help to prevent a California divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2014 | Divorce |

An individual may feel unsettled if his or her marriage seems to be on the rocks. Sometimes, a California couple’s differences are irreconcilable, while at other times, the parties can find a way to work out their conflicts. Watching a chick flick may be one way of achieving this! According to new research, a romantic movie indeed can have a positive influence on a married couple and may help decrease the divorce rate among newlyweds.

The research study found that a romantic flick can actually be more effective in preventing divorce than counseling or taking a trip to an exotic spot. In fact, the divorce rate dropped by half for couples who had been married for three years and watched romantic movies. As a result, these films are equated with helping a couple to maintain a healthy union.

Romantic films and the conversations they spark appear to be just as helpful as intense therapy sessions are. The benefit of these films is that they are much cheaper than both therapy and exotic vacations. Researchers said that people already are aware of their relationship problems and how to fix them; they simply need an excuse to talk about them, and romantic films provide that excuse.

Although some marital problems can be resolved by discussing the concerns and wishes of both parties, other situations appear irreparable. In these cases, divorce can free a person from what seems to be a hopeless union so that both people can move on with their lives. When dealing with complicated aspects of a divorce in California — such as property division, asset distribution and spousal support — it is within the rights of both parties to pursue their best interests while striving to reach a fair and comprehensive outcome.

Source: New York Magazine, Study: Rom-Coms Could Save Your Marriage, Kat Stoeffel, Jan. 31, 2014


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