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Charlie Sheen in child support battle with Denise Richards

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | Child Support |

In some divorce situations, the couple are able to agree on how to address major issues such as property division and asset distribution. However, when it comes to issues such as child support, both parties might be in a stalemate in California. The custodial parent may want more than the other parent is willing to pay. Child support problems certainly can cause further division between two divorcing individuals, but a willingness to negotiate may increase both people’s chances of securing an outcome they both can appreciate.

In a recent case, famous actor Charlie Sheen is seeking for the child support payments he makes to his ex-wife to be reduced. We’ve previously discussed on this blog some of the issues he has had with another ex-wife, Brooke Mueller. Now, Sheen is at odds with his other ex-wife, Denise Richards. Sheen, who is 48, intends to go to court soon to ask that the $55,000-a-month payment be cut.

He has two daughters with Richards — Lola and Sam — but has not had the opportunity to spend time with them. Reports indicate that Sheen would also like his ex-wife evicted from a luxurious home he owns. She has been living there with her three kids.

If two people who are getting a divorce cannot come to an agreement on their own concerning child support, these payments typically will be decided by a judge based on the incomes of both parents. The person with primary custody likely will receive some form of child support payment if he or she never worked a job due to agreeing to stay home to watch the kids. Both individuals have the right to look out for their own wishes when child support is a sticking point during a California divorce proceeding.

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