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Divorce may affect one’s work life in California

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2014 | Divorce |

A divorce doesn’t just affect one’s personal and family life. It can also have a major effect on a person’s career. This is especially true for people who are public figures or entrepreneurs who are essentially their own brands. Even traditional employees can be affected by divorce if they allow their divorce matters to interfere with their work in California. A couple of tips can help workers to keep their divorces from putting their jobs and finances in jeopardy.

First, it’s paramount that individuals physically care for themselves. This includes getting a proper amount of sleep, exercising and eating correctly. Lack of sleep and healthy foods can drain energy and cause feelings of melancholy, potentially resulting in poor business decisions. Spending time with comrades or getting a massage may help to improve the ability to handle divorce-related stress.

It’s also wise to avoid extraneous spending. Some people try to spend more during the divorce to keep their soon-to-be-ex from getting more money, but this can lead to financial ruin personally. Before making purchases, it’s wise to think about what is in one’s best interest long-term.

Although getting divorced can pose familial, emotional, work-life and financial difficulties, it can also be an opportunity for a person to embrace a new start. Understanding laws related to divorce is one key to making wise decisions regarding matters such as property division. Both parties can strive to reach an agreement, without court intrusion, that allows both to walk away from their marriage with what they believe is their fair share of the community assets in California.

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