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Mediation, collaboration can help during California divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2014 | Divorce |

When two people have different opinions about how to approach matters during a divorce, a debate can naturally ensue, causing both individuals duress. However, if both people are willing to consider the other person’s needs in addition to looking at their own, they increase their chances of achieving an outcome that is mutually helpful. Property division and the distribution of assets are common areas that spark debate during divorce proceedings in California.

One way that a couple can try to work out their own divorce-related issues and thus avoid court intrusion is to embrace the idea of mediation. Mediation is ideal for couples that are looking for an alternative to litigation. Through this method, people can reach their own resolution rather than having a judge who doesn’t know them make life-changing decisions for them.

A collaborative divorce is another litigation alternative. With this approach, divorcing individuals can come to conclusions regarding property division and other important matters in divorce through a negotiation process that focuses on the best interests of both parties. Collaborative divorces can essentially empower both parties to achieve the divorce settlement that is ideal for them, considering the circumstances.

Although having a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is often the ideal way of handling the splitting of assets during a divorce, not all couples in California have created such agreements. Being able to work amicably on an outcome to their divorce situations can make the divorce process a lot less stressful and much more personally beneficial in the long run. It is within the rights of both individuals to try to fulfill their own desires during a divorce while working toward a fair resolution with their future exes.

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