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Child support obligation increases for entertainer Future

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2014 | Child Support |

When two individuals have a child and decide to separate, a debate often arises concerning who will have custody of the child and what financial role the other parent will play in the child’s life. Typically, a judge in California will assume the responsibility of deciding who will get child custody and the amount of child support that is reasonable to award in the case. One entertainer in another state is facing this scenario with the mother of his child.

The situation revolves around a musician named Future, who shares a son with a woman named Jessica Smith. Their son is 11 years old. The pair recently came to a new child custody agreement after discussing which holidays both parents would have the chance to enjoy with their child. They primarily focused on the boy’s birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In addition, Future will have to pay child support of nearly $3,000 per month going forward. This is a boost of more than $1,000 from the amount he had originally been paying. Future apparently earns about $50,000 each month.

The judge takes a look at many factors when considering a proper child support payment amount in California, including the parents’ separate incomes. If the two parents can strike a deal outside of court regarding child support, this may boost both parties’ chances of achieving a satisfactory outcome. It’s important to understand one’s rights in the area of child support so that the final amount decided on is fair for both parents.

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