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Taking care of oneself is important during divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2014 | Divorce |

When going through a divorce in California, it is easy to get heavily caught up in the details of the divorce. This includes focusing on how the marital property will be divided and who will get custody of the children, for example. However, when dealing with the stress of divorce negotiations or litigation, it is important that people take care of themselves so that they will be in the best frame of mind to address relevant financial and family law issues.

Since the divorce process may feel chaotic and stressful, caring for oneself is essential for being in the best position to achieve a positive outcome. It may be useful to simply concentrate on basic tasks, such as eating healthy food regularly and getting enough sleep. Adequate food and sleep will enable one’s emotional system to cope with large amounts of stress.

It’s also wise to ask for support from friends. Being strong and independent is often praised in today’s American culture, but friends can help a person to find the strength to keep going through his or her divorce. In addition, the friends may feel more important and may forge deeper relationships with the person experiencing the divorce. Exercise can further help to lower anxiety by causing positive neurochemicals and hormones to be produced in the body.

The better a person feels about himself or herself during a divorce, the more confident and in control the individual might feel during the divorce. It’s worth noting that the two parties may actually boost their chances of achieving a mutually satisfactory outcome if they can use negotiation to try to find common ground regarding matters such as property distribution. A judge will otherwise step in and decide these matters for them in California.

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