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Child custody dispute may have emotional impact on the kids

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2014 | Custody & Visitation |

Divorce can have an emotional impact on kids that can last years. This is particularly the case if the two divorcing parents are fighting over child custody. Several tips can help such parents in California to tell whether their kids are moving forward with the transition well.

Divorce can lead to feelings of fear, hurt, anxiety, guilt and anger. However, if a child is interacting well with the parents and handling each day relatively normal, this is a positive sign. It’s important to search for any behavioral or mood changes that are noticeable in one’s kids so that these can be addressed early.

Another positive sign is that the children still embrace spending time with the parents. If children aren’t dealing with the divorce well, they may become belligerent and spiteful toward the parents. It’s important to note that it’s alright for the kids to have inquiries about the split-up and be worried about what will happen in their futures. They might even ask questions about how the other parent feels following the divorce. It’s helpful to answer these questions in a manner that is age-appropriate and honest; it’s best to avoid bad-mouthing the other parent since the child may still be emotionally close to both parents.

Divorce is rarely easy, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelmingly negative experience. If the two parents getting a divorce can see eye-to-eye on matters such as coming up with a parenting agreement, this can make the transition less stressful for everyone in the family. A judge will otherwise have to make a child custody decision that might not be favorable to one of the parents in California.

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