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Divorce may cause financial turmoil in California

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2014 | Divorce |

One of the biggest concerns on the minds of people in California during a divorce is how financially desolate they will be once the divorce has been completed. Divorce unfortunately can often be a financially painful experience. However, a few tips can help people to keep their divorce proceedings from being more expensive than necessary.

First, it is wise to create a new budget that reflects one’s new level of household income — one based on one paycheck rather than two. In addition, during the divorce, it is wise to carefully assess which belongings and assets one wishes to keep following the divorce. Keeping the family house may not be in people’s best interest if maintaining the house will be too costly for each to do on is or her own. However, it may be a good idea if there’s a chance the house is valued high enough that one could profitably sell it in the future.

It is additionally beneficial for people to know their credit scores. If one person was the family’s primary breadwinner, there’s a good chance his or her credit score is better than the other party’s. Building or repairing credit history involves getting rid of debt, particularly credit card debt. It is also important to make steady payments. If two divorcing individuals have shared credit cards, it is important to track these cards to make sure one party isn’t racking up debt that both parties will ultimately be responsible for.

Getting a divorce can be an emotional and confusing experience. However, proper legal guidance can help people to make informed decisions that will financially benefit them in the long run. It is within the rights of a divorcing individual in California to fight for his or her fair share of assets and strive to protect his or her best interests.

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