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Collaborative divorce growing in popularity

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2015 | Divorce |

The idea of splitting up with a spouse in California can be stressful financially and emotionally. However, when two divorcing parties are conflicted about how to approach property division and other major issues, the divorce can be even harder to get through. A collaborative divorce is one way to make a divorce proceeding easier for both parties.

The idea of collaborative divorce began during the 1990s, when family psychologists from California and lawyers began to explore a gentler way of getting divorced. They took into consideration that a divorce is more than just a legal matter: It is also a financial and an emotional one. The West Coast of the United States is one area of the nation where collaborative divorce is taking off exponentially.

In a collaborative divorce, the two parties who are dissolving their marriage sign an agreement of participation. The two spouses agree to cooperate with each other in good faith and not depart from the process. This type of divorce works well when both people are willing to tackle their issues amicably; if one person is untrustworthy or has a strong “win” mentality, litigation is inevitable.

Collaborative divorce is an ideal way to get divorced for those who prefer not to go through litigation, which can be stressful and adversarial. Proper legal guidance can help an individual to fight for the share of assets and property to which he or she is entitled in California. Both spouses have the right to seek their best interests while also focusing on the needs of the other party.

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