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How parents should handle new school routines

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2015 | Child Custody |

Labor Day weekend has come and gone. Which means that many children go back to school if they have not started school already. With this time of year comes a measure of change. Indeed, there may be new schools and new routines, along with new realities if the parents of these children chose to dissolve their marriages or break up their relationships.

Regardless, divorced and separated parents must find a way to make things work when school starts again. This post will provide some helpful tips to make things easier.

Put your personal differences aside – At this time of year, kids have so much to deal with between new classmates, teachers and new subjects to learn, they don’t need to deal with the questions and anxiety that comes with uncertainty with their parents. As such, putting your personal differences aside and working together can make things easier for kids.

Make information available for the other parent – Perhaps the most common reason for rancor between parents is that one parent feels isolated (or out of the loop) because they are not given information about the child’s schedule or other school related events. A good way to avoid this scenario is to make sure that both parents are listed on email listings that the school uses to disseminate information.

Make sure the school is informed – Both parents should share the responsibility of making sure that the school has each parent’s contact information, regardless of whether the parents live together or apart. This way, the school knows to copy both parents on email communications.


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