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Child’s legal status and support are issues in Chris Rock divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2015 | Child Support |

Divorce is not always an easy process. If parents are splitting, the resolution of child custody, visitation, support and more can all become points of contention. This is something with which experienced family law attorneys in California are very familiar. Still, every case is different and unique circumstances can have unusual effects on how matters get resolved.

This is something that actor-comedian Chris Rock may be learning as his divorce from his wife of 19 years wends its way through the legal system. One matter in particular appears to have raised a major flag in the process. And depending on how things play out, it appears there could be criminal implications.

At the center of things is a 7-year-old girl from South Africa. Rock’s estranged wife is reportedly claiming her as a dependent and seeking support for her, along with the couple’s two biological daughters. The sticking point appears to be that Rock doesn’t agree. According to reports, his divorce papers only count his two natural children as dependents.

What muddies the case further is word that South African police are now investigating how it is that the child came to be under the Rock’s roof in the first place. One official says that the matter is being looked at as a possible case of child trafficking.

According to reports, the little girl became part of the Rock household in 2008 at the age of four months old. She is said to have entered the United States on a tourist visa, rather than as a potential adoptive child.

Since reports of the investigation have circulated, there has been no comment from Rock on the subject. Compton-Rock, though, has said through her attorney that she is looking to finalize an adoption of the child and that nothing illegal has occurred.

This kind of complication certainly can’t be called typical, but the story does reflect that it can happen. We are sure that family law attorneys will be watching to see how his case plays out.


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