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Is Child Support Available In Domestic Violence Cases?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2015 | Domestic Violence |

Finding your way out of a domestic violence situation can mean lining up all of the resources that you think you will need before you make a move. Having a place to go and the means to support yourself and your children once you leave can be crucial elements to making the decision to leave an abusive situation. 

There are many conditions that can be included in a domestic violence restraining order. Child support is one of them. Securing child support can be one of the most essential elements for someone to feel safe and confident to make the choice to leave an abusive situation. Knowing that you will have some degree of financial support as you work to keep yourself and your children out of an abusive situation can help people see the path to building a safer, more secure life for themselves and their children.


Domestic abusers can be extremely determined to prevent the removal of their children from the shared home. While, financial constraints can play a major role in how a person decides to remove himself or herself from an abusive situation, they should not. Safety should be the primary consideration. All other issues can be worked out once your safety and the safety of your children has been secured.

The flexibility of domestic violence restraining orders and the wide range of issues, including financial issues that can be included as part of one, can provide people with the safe passage they need out of an abusive situation.


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