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How divorce ultimatums played out

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2016 | Child Custody |

A few women recently told their stories about what happened when they finally stepped up and gave their husbands an ultimatum. They told them how things had to change or they were going to divorce. One woman noted that this tactic could work to save a marriage, but only if the husband really cared; if not, the ultimatums helped to spur a divorce in a relationship that wasn’t working.

Being a Father

The first woman said that her husband just wasn’t much of a father, never really spending time with his kids. After she couldn’t stand it anymore, she told him he needed to be more involved. She implied that they split up, saying he had visitation rights to see the child when he wanted, which was about once or twice a week.

Acting Like a Child

Another woman said her husband would sometimes act like a child again when they visited his hometown and his parents. He would drink and party too much, and she didn’t like her children seeing him like that. She even kicked him out once and took the kids to a hotel. After years of that, with him not doing as she asked, they split up.

Stop Spending Time with Another Woman

One woman grew nervous that her husband was spending too much time with a female co-worker and asked him to stop. He wouldn’t, and they eventually divorced and she moved out of the home with their young daughter — while the co-worker moved in.

All of these stories show how the ultimatums are about more than just divorce, as they also impact children and force couples to make custody decisions. It’s important, when doing so, to know what legal steps need to be taken in California.

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