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Moving company focuses on helping domestic violence victims

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Domestic Violence |

Meathead Movers is a moving company in California, but it’s not your usual moving company. They have a special focus, which is trying to help those who are victims of domestic violence.

The company started in 1998, when two brothers who played high school sports decided to do more than just help people they knew move, and they launched a business.

The company did not always focus on domestic violence. However, soon after they got their start, they say that women who claimed they were being abused would sometimes call them, unable to pay, and ask if they could give them furniture in exchange for help. They just wanted to get out of a bad situation and didn’t know how else to do it.

The owners say they felt that they were helping to save lives, so they couldn’t turn people down. They kept taking on more of these jobs — which they now do for free, as they’ve become a nonprofit organization.

It wasn’t always easy. In one case, they said that an alleged batterer showed up at the house and threw a toaster at them. The police had to be contacted. Ever since that happened, they’ve been working in conjunction with area shelters to be sure that both they and the victims are safe while they move items out of the home or apartment.

The company says that it’s movers are mostly men, and it also says that many of them, like the founders, played (or are still playing) sports. They focus on working quickly and always being polite and kind as they do it.

Getting out of a violent situation can be harder than a lot of people realize. Not only should those who need to leave know about the logistics of doing so, but they must know their legal protection options in California.

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