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Are same-sex couples more or less likely to split up?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2016 | Same-Sex Couples & Divorce |

Though legal views on same-sex marriage have shifted significantly in the last few years, it is still viewed differently than opposite-sex marriage in much of modern society. Does this mean that these couples are more likely to call it quits once they do get married?

Actually, some studies have shown that exactly the opposite is true. Same-sex couples who do get married are not as likely to divorce as opposite-sex couples.

The difference may not sound like much, but it is significant. For heterosexual couples, the annual divorce average sits at 2 percent. For same-sex couples, that same rate is just 1.1 percent on a yearly basis. This shows that the average for opposite-sex couples is nearly double what it is for same-sex couples.

The rate did jump to 1.6 percent annually if researchers looked at more than just marriage. For instance, they could count couples in domestic partnerships and those in civil unions. Still, even when looking at all three types of relationships, the average was still under what opposite-sex couples saw in traditional marriages every year. In addition, the study found that it was less likely for male couples to get married than it was for female couples.

Studies like this are important because they can help to dispel some of the more common myths and misconceptions about same-sex marriage. Naturally, though, any couple that has gotten married may eventually seek a divorce, so it’s important for both types of couples to know what legal aspects they need to consider when ending their marriage. A California family law attorney can provide guidance.

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