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Halloween: A scary time for divorced parents

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Child Custody |

Halloween is seldom addressed in child custody agreements because it isn’t considered a national holiday. Unless you were thinking ahead when you made your final custody agreement, you may find that you don’t have any specifics laid out for the festivities.

If you’re the parent without primary custody the night that Trick-or-Treat is held, that can leave you feeling lonely and left out — after all, who doesn’t want to be there when their favorite little witch, ghost or vampire gets to play dress-up and have so much fun?

Experts recommend that you try to work out a deal with your child’s other parent — whether you ultimately agree to share the events, duplicate them in some way or alternate attendance, you and your kids will come out ahead. You’ll find a way not to miss out on important memories and they’ll have that bonding experience with you.

Consider these options:

  • If your children are particularly young, they may want to see you both there while they go from house to house. If that’s the situation, try to work it out with your ex for your children’s sake.
  • If your kids have a school party, you could consider alternating events — one parent gets to go to the school party while the other parent gets to take the kids out to beg for candy.
  • If the kids are a little older, consider letting them dress up twice and take them separately. This works especially well if your municipality has a Trick-or-Treat time scheduled at a different night than the one in your ex’s area.
  • If you’re inclined, consider letting your ex host Trick-or-Treat night while you take the kids on other events, like a haunted house trip or a hayride. You’ll still create bonding moments and unforgettable memories.

Don’t let Halloween make you blue once you’re divorced — instead, open the doors to a few creative solutions and you and your kids will be happier with the results.

An attorney can provide more information on child custody issues or discuss other family law problems.

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