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Seek legal help if you’re the victim of domestic violence

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Domestic Violence |

If you’re a woman in America today, the person most likely to murder you is your spouse, ex-spouse or another intimate partner.

That’s the data given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) after a study that looked into the murders of adult females in 18 states. There was a total of 10,018 women murdered in those states between 2003 to 2014 — and 55% of those women were killed by intimate partners or former intimate partners. In fact, if you’re a woman, your odds of being murdered by someone you don’t know is a mere 16%. By comparison, men are only about 7% at risk of being killed by an intimate partner.

Here are some more statistics the study uncovered regarding domestic violence and the deaths of American women:

  • Guns play a role in the murders of 54% of women, which indicates the presence of a firearm in the home could increase the chances of harm when domestic violence is an issue
  • Women of color suffer the most. Black women, Native American women and Hispanics are all more likely to die from violence than white women.
  • Jealousy is a factor in 12% of the deaths caused by intimate partners.
  • Pregnancy also seems to provoke violence. About 15% of murdered women are pregnant when they are killed.

It’s long been understood that domestic abuse is about power and control more than anything else, which is why women are most at risk when they seek to leave a domestic abuser or seem to be exerting their own will. A third of female homicides related to domestic violence occur just after an argument.

If you’re a victim of domestic violence, it’s essential to have an exit strategy. You cannot assume you can handle the situation on your own without help. The police can request an emergency protective order on your behalf and then our office can help you get a temporary restraining order through the court. Please contact us today about your case.


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