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Trouble dealing with your ex-spouse? There’s an app for that!

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2019 | Child Custody |

One of the biggest headaches parents face post-divorce is the fact that their marriage may be over but their relationship with their child’s other parent is not.

Mothers and fathers alike tend to dread the interactions they have to have with each other over things like:

  • Schedule conflicts
  • Holiday visits
  • School events
  • Sporting events
  • Vacations
  • Disciplinary issues

A question like whether or not your child can join the marching band can end up devolving into a screaming match over disputes about how the activity might interfere with the parenting schedule and who will pay for the cost of the uniform and instrument.

Well, parents and courts alike are turning to apps to make communication both easier and less full of drama. In addition to keeping the parents from having to interact face-to-face as much as possible, the apps also provide a written record that can be used to bolster a claim in court (if something goes that far).

Some of the best apps that are available to help parents solve their child custody issues include:

  1. OurFamilyWizard — One of the oldest apps around for this purpose, it’s a reliable tool that most parents find easy to use. Its interactive calendar can help parents work out a schedule and negotiate exchanges. It also helps parents track extra costs that need to be shared — like co-pays at a doctor’s office.
  2. coParenter — This app was designed by a retired California judge. It uses smart filters to keep interactions civil and nontrackable notifications for live, on-demand assistance from coaches or mediators.
  3. AppClose — This app has many of the features used by the others, but it’s entirely free. As such, it’s chief executive officer has said that the company finds that judges are ordering divorced parents to use the app regularly.

Naturally, these aren’t the only apps out there that can make your interactions with your ex easier. Other apps are geared specifically around support issues, for example. You may also want to look into apps that are designed to help you heal your heart — like Mend — after the breakup.

For more information on child custody issues or to discuss a serious problem, talk to an experienced attorney today.


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