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Pursue child support whether you need it or not

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Child Support |

You are fortunate to have a good job and earn a nice income. Even after you and your child’s other parent split up, you will have the means to support your children and provide for all they will need.

In fact, you won’t really need to ask your ex for child support. Should you leave that topic out of your divorce or other uncoupling decisions?

Certainly not. If you are to be the parent with primary custody and can receive child support, you should insist their other parent pay up. This is true whether or not you really need the money or not.

The point is, it is money that is owed not to you but to your child. If you truly don’t need the funds right now to contribute to the household or support your son or daughter, bankroll it for them until they reach maturity. Then, they can either have a nice college fund or a down payment on a house or a gap year abroad.

Paying child support also keeps your ex invested in parenting their child. They are literally making an investment into the child and their presumed future, so that’s yet another way to keep the two of them connected.

We can help you and your child get the child support they need and deserve. Rearing a child to adulthood is a costly endeavor and unexpected expenses are always cropping up. One day, you may thank your lucky stars that you have an additional income stream coming in each month in the form of child support.


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