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You don’t have to live with domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Domestic Violence |

No one should have to live in fear. Yet, victims of domestic violence do so every day. They lead their lives walking on eggshells, afraid that the wrong word or facial expression could unleash a torrent of abuse.

Anyone who has been abused by their spouse is at risk of another attack. The next eruption of violence could even wind up being fatal. If these words strike fear into your heart, the time to devise an exit strategy is now.

You need to formulate a plan and activate your support system prior to leaving. It’s a sad reality that the point when the victim leaves their abuser is the period that is actually fraught with the most danger. Abusive spouses are threatened by their victims walking away from the relationship. Some feel that if they can’t have you, nobody will. The next attack becomes the fatal one.

It’s a scary proposition. Still, you can safely extricate yourself from a failed marriage or abusive relationship. We can seek a protective order against your batterer. We can also ask the court to order both spousal and child support (if applicable).

Once your divorce petition is filed in the Los Angeles family law court, we will guide you through the divorce process and provide the advice and support you need.

Life is precious and fragile, but it can also be joyous. After you are free of your abusive spouse and failed marriage, you can begin a new life full of promise and healthy experiences. You never have to remain miserable, or worse — become another statistic.


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