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Divorce rate has dropped, but marital problems persist

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2020 | Same-Sex Couples & Divorce |

Over time, the number of American marriages that have ended in divorce has gone down. Social scientists point to several factors that have contributed to the decline. However, despite the drop in divorces throughout the nation, Riverside residents are likely still aware that divorce affects many marriages throughout the state of California.

Why have divorces declined?

There are several theories as to why the divorce rate has dropped over the last several decades. One is that men and women are not getting married until they are older. As individuals wait to marry, they find that they are in more stable financial situations than they were in during their younger years. With more financial stability, individuals are able to choose partners based on love instead of financial pressures.

Additionally, the acceptance of cohabitation as a common social practice has possibly contributed to the drop in the divorce rate. As more couples live together before their weddings, more are able to identify their differences and end their relationships before they walk down the aisle.

Why divorces persist

Although collective social and financial factors may be leading the overall divorce rate down throughout the nation, divorces still happen with regularity. There are many reasons that individuals seek to divorce, such as incompatibility, lack of support or commitment, religious differences, health issues, violence and financial instability.

Choosing to divorce is personal. There is no right or wrong reason to seek the end of a marriage. When a person is ready to discuss their options, they can benefit from working with a divorce attorney.

Not all divorce attorneys counsel their clients on divorce settlement. Unlike divorce litigation, which involves the courts, divorce settlement involves working with one’s ex to find agreeable terms on which to base divorce-related decisions. Finding the right attorney can be important to a divorcing individual so that they can feel both knowledgeable and support during their journey.


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