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Legal help with child support modifications

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Child Support |

Child support can be stressful for both paying and recipient parents. The family law process can help guide parents through child support concerns which is why it is valuable to be familiar with child support modification options.

Do not delay the process

Parents seeking a child support modification should not delay doing so. It is essential for both parents to comply with their current child support order until the family law court has approved any child support modification so it is best to promptly seek a modification when needed.

Work with the other parent

Parents may be able to reach an agreement related to child support by working together. The family law court will need to approve any change the parents agree to.

Demonstrate a change in circumstances

A child support modification, or child custody modification, may be made based on a significant change in circumstances for the parent or the child. The parent requesting the child support modification will need to demonstrate a significant change in circumstances. A significant change in circumstances could include a job loss or change in marital status.

Child support is important for children and should be used for their care. Either parent can request a child support modification. Parents should promptly request a change and continue to abide by the current child custody agreement until any change is formally approved and made. The family law process provides resources for parents struggling to pay child support as well as those struggling to collect it which are valuable resources to be familiar with as parents navigate the child support process.



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