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Comedian Jim Belushi, files for divorce from wife of 23 years

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2021 | Divorce |

Comedian and actor Jim Belushi has filed for divorce from his wife Jennifer Sloan. The 67-year-old actor submitted dissolution of marriage documents in Los Angeles Superior Court last week, according to reports.

The marriage lasted 23 years and produced two children. Belushi also has a son from his first wife Sandra Davenport.

This is the second time the couple initiated divorce proceedings. In 2018, Sloan filed for divorce; however, Belushi asked for the divorce to be dismissed and the couple later reconciled.

Belushi has starred in numerous films and television shows during his time in Show business, including About Last Night, Red Heat, and K-9. He is, perhaps, best known for his work in the eponymous television series According to Jim.

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