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Does a spouse have anger issues?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Domestic Violence |

Feeling angry from time to time is natural, but some people seem to feel angry all the time. This can make them difficult to be around, particularly for spouses, children or others who come in contact with them. These people are volatile, demanding and cause enormous amounts of stress in others, causing marriages to end and friendships to wither. They can get fired from their job or find themselves unable to maintain a stable staff.

Signs of chronic anger issues

It is common for people to think and say that they do not have anger issues. However, they may see this in themselves, or others may be able to identify it:

  • Constant judgment: People may continually and self-righteously judge others, belittling loved ones, colleagues and strangers.
  • Chronic victims: This enables them to feel angry without guilt because others cause it.
  • Passive-aggressive: Some will withdraw or withhold contact to punish those around them.
  • Coping mechanisms: Over-reliance on coping mechanisms like drugs, alcohol, or even exercise can bury the need to address pressing emotional issues.
  • Hair-trigger: They respond to a minor setback by going into a raging tirade.
  • Sarcasm: It can be funny, but regularly ridiculing others in this way is hurtful, particularly when it is a personal attack that involves loved ones.

This is abnormal behavior

Spouses who feel unsafe under the same roof as these people should leave immediately or call for help. Another option is to encourage them to seek help to address the problem with help from a mental health professional. While spouses can get help to address the hurt they feel, the person with anger issues is the one who can fully address the problem, doing the work to change their life for the better.


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