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What can child support be used for?

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2022 | Child Support |

Child support is a vital part of participating in the care of a child following a divorce. When a Riverside parent ends their marriage, many of their obligations to their ex may cease but their commitments to their kids endure. Often, both parents are expected to provide child support after their marriage ends, and their responsibilities are outlined in a child support order.

Understanding child support orders

Child support can look different between different families. That is because children may have different needs and parents may have different abilities to pay. For example, a parent with a high income and one child may have a different monthly child support payment than a parent with a lower income and many children to support.

Income is an important factor in child support decisions. Also, a parent’s access to health insurance for their child can be considered. Courts look at many factors when deciding how much support a parent should pay for their child.

Using child support

Child support can be used for many child-rearing costs. It can be applied to providing a child with food and shelter, their educational needs, and clothing. Child support may be used for childcare if a parent works or transportation costs to ensure a child is where they need to be. In some cases, child support may be used for entertainment, travel, or extracurricular activities.

It is important that parents ask questions about what is and is not appropriate to spend child support money on to ensure they are best providing for their kids. Their trusted family law attorneys can guide them through their child support, divorce, and other legal questions.


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