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What if our marriage was a short one?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | Child Support, Divorce, Property Division |

One of the notable trends during the pandemic is that newer marriages are more likely to end in divorce. While the specifics of each relationship are different, researchers generally found the pressure of living on top of each pushed the newer couples to call it quits.

Ending a marriage after any amount of time can be challenging, but there are often some unique circumstances that come into play with short-lived marriages.

Spousal support

Those leaving a relatively brief marriage are less likely to get spousal support. Traditionally known as alimony, this arrangement is for couples where one spouse dropped out of the workforce for an extended period to raise a family. In contrast, the other spouse pursues a career. This dynamic leaves the stay-at-home parent with fewer job skills they could use to support themselves. Shorter marriages likely mean the spouse remained in the workforce or did so until the recent wedding, thus making it easier to return to work outside the home.

Property division

Property division generally involves the division of community property, which grows as the couple accrues assets. These are equally split – the shorter period means fewer assets to split. The spouses can generally keep their separate property they brought into the marriage, although it may become commingled (if the spouses shared car or house payments). Even with the commingled assets, the division will be reasonably straightforward.

Children and pets

Even short marriages can involve kids and animals. The children tend to be young, so it is often crucial for the parents to create a detailed parenting plan that protects parental rights and the child’s wellbeing for years to come. Child support can be substantial if a mother cannot work or both parents are working and need full-time childcare. Assuming that the parents are coparenting and each spends time taking care of the child – the same arrangement can be used for spending time with a cherished pet.

There will be other issues

Regardless of how long the marriage lasted or how it ended, there will likely be some issues to resolve. This can lead to confusion and stress, making it hard to envision a better future. Being aware of these common areas of concern can hopefully provide enough clarity to start the process before getting to matters specific to the couple’s situation.


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