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Money and child custody in California  

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Child Custody |

When parents divorce it not only impacts them but it also impacts their children when it comes to child support and child custody. Needless to say, it can be extremely time-consuming and expensive for everyone.

There are many expenses that will come up in the situation, such as paying for the child custody lawyer, filing fees and other related expenses. Before the people involved realize it, they may be paying out a very large sum of money to many different people. Also, the longer the child custody battle goes on, the more expensive it can become.

What happens if one parent makes much less money than the other parent?

If the financial situation of one parent is very different from that of the other parent, there may be a perception that the outcome of the child custody case may favor the parent with more money. The truth of such a situation is probably more complicated than that and there are several factors that come into play when it comes to the decision regarding child custody.

When deciding about who will be awarded custody of the child or children, the best interests of the child are at the absolute top of the priority list. That is generally a much higher priority than either parent’s income. However, when it comes to deciding about the exact amount of child support, income does factor into the decision. After all, it is important for the child support to be established at the prescribed amount so that the child’s needs can be met.

Advice from a knowledgeable child custody lawyer

In a child custody situation, emotions often run very high and there can be a great deal of friction between the parents. The solid advice of a knowledgeable California child custody lawyer may really help you to achieve an amicable and reasonable end to your child custody battle and enable you and your ex-spouse to come to friendly terms with each other for the sake of your child or children.


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