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Are there ways of making child custody easier?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Child Custody |

Divorcing parents are in the unique situation of not actually departing ways when the divorce is final. Instead, they have to maintain a co-parenting relationship until at least the children become adults. Though, they will likely still see each other at events that involve their kids thereafter. As such, many Riverside parents are looking for ways to make child custody arrangements easier on the kids and parents and, in some cases, cheaper.

Nesting or bird-nesting

Over the past few years, a new way of co-parenting has become more popular, called nesting or bird-nesting. Nesting is when the divorcing parents keep their family home, and their children do not move. Instead, the parents rotate in and out according to their custody and parenting plan. This means that the only change that the children will notice after the divorce is that only one parent is in the Riverside, California, home at a time.

Secondary residences

Depending on the financial situation of the divorcing couple, there are several options for a second residence. The divorcing spouses can share one apartment that they rotate into when they are not caring for the children. This is cheaper than each ex-spouse having their own place. For those with large family homes with a guest house or mother-in-law suite, the parent not caring for the children can live in that separate area.

Pros and cons

Of course, the biggest pro to nesting is it can be much cheaper than fully separating both lives, and the children have relatively no change in their day-to-day lives. Though, the con is that the separating couple will be in each other’s lives in a more intimate way as they are constantly moving into the other’s space (and vice-versa). This means that nesting is only for the most amicable splits. It is not a forever solution, but, if children only have a few years left of school, it can be a bridge to lessen the effect a divorce has on their children and the financial lives of each parent.

Brief nesting option

Most experts agree that short-term nesting for up to six or so months is the best option because it allows for a soft transition for the children. Of course, every Riverside, California, family is different, so whatever works for divorcing spouses and their children should be the option chosen by the parents.


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