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There are penalties for failing to pay child support in California

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Child Support |

Child support payments are often taken directly from the paying parent’s paycheck or are a recurring expense on their credit card. Still, not every parent is keen on paying child support. When a parent fails to pay what they owe in child support without a modification, they will face serious consequences.

Penalties for failing to pay child support

Paying child support is a legally binding obligation, as both of a child’s parents have a duty to contribute to their child’s financial needs. In California, if your child’s other parent does not pay what they owe they will face penalties.

For example, their driver’s license could be suspended, and professional licenses can be revoked. A lien could be placed on their home or financial accounts. Also, income tax refunds and lottery winnings can be intercepted.

Modifying a child support order

Any of these consequences can be a lot to deal with. For this reason, sometimes a parent who knows they are behind on child support payments will try to have their child support order modified. This may be an option if there has been a change in circumstances since the order was created or last modified. Note that you will continue to owe child support while the modification is pending, and you will still have to make good on your delinquent child support payments.

Paying child support can sometimes be difficult, but it still necessary. A parent who tries to shirk their child support obligations can expect to incur penalties until they come current on what they owe. A modification may be possible under the right circumstances that can make paying child support easier.



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