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Failing to pay child support can result in various penalties

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Child Support |

When there is a child support order in California, it is expected to be paid in full. However, some parents are delinquent in their payments. To ensure they pay, there are several enforcement methods that are used.

Knowing these is critical not just for the custodial parent who is supposed to receive the payments, but the paying parent—the obligor—who has fallen behind. Some of the penalties that can be meted out include license suspensions, passport denial and financial sanctions. From either perspective, it is wise to have legal assistance to address these concerns.

Understanding the penalties that might be given for failing to pay child support

When a license is suspended for failing to pay child support, it is not just a driver’s license that can be part of the process. People who have a professional license can also lose it. This is also true for recreational licenses like hunting and fishing.

The license suspension will be initiated if the payments are at least 30 days overdue. The person will be informed and have 150 days to respond. Failure will result in the suspension. A second violation will give them 30 days to respond before the suspension.

A passport can be denied if the paying party is behind by $2,500. Until the payments are made and brought up to date, the person cannot get a passport. Other ways in which people can be penalized for failing to pay child support are having a tax refund intercepted, bank assets being seized and liens being placed on their property.

With child support issues, it is vital to have legal assistance

Unpaid child support is a problem in myriad ways. Not only does it negatively impact the child and the custodial parent, but it can present a series of issues to the parent who is behind on their payments.

If the person is having trouble making the payments, it is unwise to simply not pay without seeking potential solutions like negotiating a reduction in payments or explaining the reason for failure to pay such as job loss.

For both sides, it is essential to know what can happen if child support payments are not made and if there are options to avoid these penalties. Consulting with experienced legal professionals might help.


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