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How can I head off potential custody and parenting time issues?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2023 | Custody & Visitation |

Family law cases in California are often portrayed as contentious. This is understandable given the number of situations in which the sides have staked out their position and refuse to budge. In some instances, they are justified in doing so.

Still, if people get beyond the initial negative feelings of the breakdown of their relationship, they can find common ground. This is particularly important in cases centering on child custody and parenting time.

A common concern with child custody and parenting time is if a parent refuses to adhere to the order. Knowing strategies to prevent this is key. It is also wise to understand the value of professional guidance.

Addressing fears about problems with custody and parenting time

The parents can come to their own agreement or the court will put a custody and parenting time order in place. When a parent fears that the other parent will not follow the custody order, there are ways to try and ease the path to a cordial relationship that focuses on the child’s best interests.

The benefits of having an order that is specific and clear include keeping misunderstandings to a minimum; knowing where the child will be and when they will be there; letting the parents know how they are expected to behave; and that it can be enforced more easily.

As part of the order, the parents need to exchange the child at designated times, know how long the child will be with the other parent and more. Being aware and agreeable can also be beneficial if the parents need to alter the agreement. Flexibility can create goodwill.

Parents must record any violations as they occur. This can give the courts an idea as to the scope of the problem and what can be done about it. For parents who are on reasonably good terms and need the order changed, it can be updated. When parents outright ignore the order, contacting law enforcement or filing a contempt order are options. Parents should not take matters into their own hands as retribution.

Creating a workable parenting plan may require qualified representation

Divorce is rarely easy and it is even harder when there are children involved. When forging a child custody and parenting time agreement, the parents need to think about the children first. Since every case and relationship is different, it is imperative to have professional help.

Whether the sides are friendly or are barely speaking, it is possible to have a workable plan to ensure the children are properly cared for. To handle lingering challenges, calling qualified professionals in family law can be helpful in achieving a positive result.



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