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Overview of restraining orders in California

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2023 | Domestic Violence |

but they may not know that there are different types of these orders and that they can vary in the types of restrictions they order. For domestic violence situations, however, the need for a restraining order may be immediate and it may need to be as expansive as possible.

Restraining order basics

In California, domestic violence restraining orders can be requested not just against a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend – someone you have been in an intimate relationship with – but can also be requested against family members and even in-laws.

Why? Well, this is probably in recognition of the fact that domestic violence isn’t something that only arises between married partners or those in a relationship – it can happen in almost any type of domestic family situation.

The primary purpose of a restraining order is to stop contact by the alleged abuser toward the alleged victim. This can prevent all types of contact, including cellphone contact of any type. The intended effect is to stop the harassment or violence that is taking place. The practical effect might be that the alleged abuser needs to find alternative housing away from the alleged victim. At first, restraining orders are usually temporary in nature, pending a court hearing, at which time it will be decided if the order needs to become more permanent or if the specific restrictions in the order need to be adjusted.

Restraining orders are serious matters and family law courts in California treat them as such. If you need a restraining order, or if you believe one has been wrongly requested against you, be sure to get the right legal information about your options.


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