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Domestic violence: Protecting yourself during and after divorce

On Behalf of | May 30, 2024 | Divorce, Domestic Violence |

No relationship is perfect. Married couples will frequently have disagreements and disputes. While this is considered common, even in a healthy marriage, if the conflicts become aggressive or physical, this is no longer healthy or even safe.

Events of domestic violence unfortunately occur. It can be difficult to accept and stand up to. However, when a spouse files for divorce and makes claims of domestic violence, this step not only helps the victim get out of the abusive marriage but also helps with obtaining the protections needed.

Domestic violence

At Cullen Family Law Group, our law firm understands that domestic violence is traumatic and can make your everyday life challenging to navigate. Our attorneys have experienced helping clients through this sensitive and vulnerable situation, helping them obtain the protection, resolutions and the peace of mind they seek when moving forward with a divorce.

Divorce and protective orders

Although domestic violence is troublesome and devastating for couples and families of all types, there is hope for the future. If domestic violence is involved in your divorce, there are steps you can take to secure the safety and protection you seek.

At our law firm, we can help our clients that are victim of domestic violence obtain protection through a temporary restraining order or TRO. A TRO lasts 21 days and can be challenged by the other party; however, if they do not or are unsuccessful at challenging it, the protective order will become a permanent restraining order. This order could remain in effect for up to five years, and if the situation evidences a longer duration, this could be approved by the courts.

Incidents of family violence can instill harm on everyone involved. Whether it was a single isolated event or a repeated or cyclical event, it is important to understand what steps you can take to prevent further violence and to obtain protection for yourself. This is an emotional and traumatic time, making it challenging to navigate this matter. A legal professional can help support, guide and answer any questions of concerns you might have.



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