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Divorce at older age can affect retirement plans in California

Retirement ideally is a relaxed time in people's lives, as they can say goodbye to the 9-to-5 routine and hello to days filled with leisure activities and the opportunity to travel and pursue their favorite activities. For some people, it is the best of times; for others, however, it is something less. This is especially true if a person ends up going through a divorce right before retirement and loses more money than he or she had bargained for in California. This is increasingly becoming a possibility as more married couples decide to call it quits in their later years.

Divorce can lead to friction about shared business in California

When some people started on the road to marriage, they also may have embarked on the road to owning their own business together. Both were big decisions that could have huge emotional and financial payoffs if all things went well. However, sometimes, things just don't go as planned. The marriage ends up being on the rocks and eventually being impossible to salvage in California. A divorce doesn't mean that the business has to shut its doors, though.

California divorce may lead to audit by Internal Revenue Service

When people hear the word "divorce," feelings of stress may quickly sweep over them. They may immediately think about fighting with a soon-to-be ex-spouse over how shared property will be divided or who will get the car in California. However, even after a divorce settlement has been reached and the two parties have finally moved on, something may continue to haunt them -- the Internal Revenue Service.

Chick flicks may help to prevent a California divorce

An individual may feel unsettled if his or her marriage seems to be on the rocks. Sometimes, a California couple's differences are irreconcilable, while at other times, the parties can find a way to work out their conflicts. Watching a chick flick may be one way of achieving this! According to new research, a romantic movie indeed can have a positive influence on a married couple and may help decrease the divorce rate among newlyweds.

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