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Spousal support often highly charged issue during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2015 | Divorce |

One of the biggest areas of disagreement during a California divorce proceeding is spousal support. The person pursuing spousal support is naturally most concerned with obtaining the maximum amount of support possible, while the individual who will be responsible for providing support may be concerned about being taken advantage of. Determinations of spousal support are based on multiple factors.

Child support is determined based only on state guidelines. However, a spousal support determination is based on several factors, including both parties’ expenses and incomes. Other factors include how long the two individuals were married as well as the parties’ education, age and health. Awards of spousal support in California are typically generous to the recipient, although varying factors do commonly result in a low support award.

During a divorce proceeding’s or legal separation’s initial stages, a qualified attorney can represent you as you pursue temporary spousal support. Then, the attorney can help to establish permanent spousal support via a final judgment. Proper legal guidance can also help people to get existing spousal support orders modified.

The matter of spousal support may easily become wrapped up in child support and property division matters during a California divorce. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to use requesting or paying spousal support as a weapon during marital wars. Some cases are particularly complex because they involve a self-employed business owner or an unemployed homeowner, for example. A skilled attorney can help divorcing individuals to protect their financial interests when addressing this often highly charged issue, as it has long-term implications for the quality of life of all family members involved.


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