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Spousal Support / Alimony

Whether you are the payee or the payor, the services of a skilled divorce lawyer can be crucial in handling spousal support determinations. Our law firm has the experience to effectively represent and protect our clients in determining temporary spousal support during the initial phases of a legal separation or divorce proceeding and establish permanent spousal support in a final judgment. To learn more about spousal support, contact Cullen Family Law Group. We have offices in Riverside and Temecula.

Unlike child support, which is determined solely by the guidelines established by the State of California, spousal support is established by weighing many different factors, including the incomes and expenses of the parties. California’s spousal support awards are usually very generous. However, varying factors could result in a low-end support award.

Our office is experienced in handling many clients, from unemployed homemakers to self-employed business owners in complex support determinations.

Child and spousal support are highly charged issues with long-term quality-of-life implications for all family members. We will take the time to understand your unique set of circumstances and to work out a plan that addresses your needs and goals. Please call our law firm for knowledgeable answers to your questions about support.

Advising Clients About Their Options In Support Cases

Matters of spousal support can become entwined with property division and child support. Paying or requesting spousal support is often used as a weapon in marital wars. We try to keep alimony separate from these other concerns and focus on the needs of the spouse requesting support and the ability of the other party to pay. The Court also uses other factors such as health, age, education and the length of the marriage to make a determination. We advise clients of the probable outcome of support requests by applying the criteria used in their respective San Bernardino or Riverside County court.

In cases involving a request to modify an existing support order, one of the factors we review is whether the Court issued a “Gavron” warning to the supported spouse, thereby ordering the supported spouse to attempt to obtain employment to assist in maintaining their lifestyle without support. Gavron warnings are reminders by the Court to the recipient spouse that they are expected to become self-supporting.

If the issue is temporary support to maintain the status quo during the separation period, permanent support ordered in the divorce judgment, or modification of an existing support order, we can discuss your rights and options. Contact us at 951.824.6449 to learn how we can help.