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Mediation and collaborative divorce offer benefits during divorce

On Behalf of | May 26, 2015 | Divorce |

Divorce rarely conjures up positive images in the minds of people. This is because divorce proceedings are often wrought with conflict between the two married people who have decided to split up. However, collaborative divorce or divorce mediation may make the divorce process easier to navigate both emotionally and financially in California.

Collaborative divorce as well as divorce mediation are known to save divorcing individuals both money and time. With a collaborative divorce, the two parties involved in the proceeding cooperate in an effort to resolve their divorce issues. They even sign an agreement that states that they will not take their divorce case to trial.

Divorce mediation involves the use of a third party to help with resolving divorce issues. Unlike a collaborative divorce, mediation is usually nonbinding, so the two parties may move forward with litigation if they feel the need to do so. With mediation being totally confidential, no details that come up during mediation can be brought up at a trial.

A collaborative divorce or mediation that is successful in California can help two people reach an agreement that works for both of them. These methods are ideal for individuals who would like to avoid the potential stress of litigating a divorce and who would like to have a greater say in matters such as how their shared assets are divided or how their property will be split. The two methods ultimately provide more flexibility and freedom regarding what the final agreement will be in a divorce.


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