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Alternative Divorce Solutions

The value of mediation and collaborative divorce is more than just saving time and money. Mediation also allows you to determine the specific details of your divorce agreement, rather than a judge. Do not think that you are getting everything you want just because you go to trial or that you will not get what you want if you do not go to trial. This idea is false. Divorce mediation and collaborative law allow more freedom and flexibility regarding the final divorce agreement.

At Cullen Family Law Group, we believe that a collaborative divorce usually best protects a family’s interests. Collaborative divorce is where parties and attorneys from both sides agree to work together on a resolution rather than seeking litigation. While the firm’s divorce attorneys do not hesitate to litigate at trial aggressively, we see the value in collaborative divorce and mediation.

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Collaborative Agreements That Work For Everyone

A collaborative divorce is when attorneys and parties from both sides agree to cooperate and work together in resolving any issues by signing an agreement stating the case will not go to trial. If the parties ultimately cannot adhere to this agreement, attorneys from both sides can no longer be part of the divorce. However, a successful collaborative divorce can mean reaching an agreement that works for all parties. Sometimes parties enlist the help of divorce coaches and family therapists to help work out any disputes.

Resolving Concerns With A Mediator

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method where parties use a third-party neutral mediator to help resolve their issues. Mediation is generally nonbinding; meaning parties can continue litigation if necessary. Mediation is entirely confidential, and any details that arise during mediation cannot be brought up in trial. The benefit of mediation and collaborative divorce is the money and time-saving potential both methods have and places the ultimate outcome of a divorce in the hands of the parties.

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