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Why divorce is better than staying in an unhappy marriage

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Same-Sex Couples & Divorce |

These troubled times are forcing a lot of people into positions where they’re reexamining their values, their sense of personal identity and their relationships with other people, so it’s no wonder that already rocky marriages are absolutely breaking under the strain.

If you’re starting to suspect that a divorce is in your future, there’s no reason to fear it. In fact, embracing the changes that are coming could actually be the best thing that happens to you.

Here are three reasons that getting divorced can be better than staying in a bad marriage:

1. You may be less lonely.

People fear divorce because they’re afraid of being alone — but being trapped with a spouse that is emotionally distant (or abusive) can be far more lonely than being on your own. Once you’re divorced, there will be room in your life for new relationships, even if they’re just with good friends, to take root.

2. You may regain friends, make friends with your spouse again and find out who your real friends truly are.

A divorce always means a big social shakeup. You’ll no-doubt lose some “friends” who feel compelled to pick sides or want “away from the drama,” but you don’t need those kind of people in your life.

Conversely, you may renew friendships that have faded now that you can be more open about your life (without betraying your spouse by talking about your problems). You may also find it easier to be friends again with your ex, after the divorce — which is particularly important when you have children together.

3. You regain control over your own life.

Sharing your life with someone else is only good if you’re living the life you really want to be living. If your spouse was preventing you from following your dream (directly or indirectly), a divorce frees you to be you again — and you can follow your heart without anybody’s permission.

If you’re preparing for a divorce in the future, find out now what you should do next. Contact our office for more information.


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