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How Millennial divorces differ from those of earlier generations

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2020 | Same-Sex Couples & Divorce |

Millennials have gotten a lot of attention (and flack) for simply doing things differently than every generation that’s come before. It’s really no surprise, then, that Millennial divorces are also a bit unique.

Here’s how Millennials approach divorce differently than their parents and grandparents once did:

1. They don’t fear the social consequences of divorce

Divorce used to be seen as a personal failing — but many Millennials grew up in single-parent homes as the children of divorced parents. More than any generation before them, they seem to be unconcerned that they’ll suffer socially by going through a divorce themselves. Millennials seem very conscious of the fact that it’s better to be unmarried than unhappy.

2. They’re more organized when they step into an attorney’s office

The technology that’s available today can make it much easier for someone seeking a divorce to gather all of their financial records and get them organized. That makes it a lot easier for them to move forward with the process of divorce — and it’s easier for their attorneys.

3. They tend to be more prepared to be on their own

Most Millennial couples tend to have independent careers and lives. They didn’t marry for financial or social security. Dual careers make it much easier for couples to split since they’re both likely to be able to support themselves. Spousal support is often a nonissue.

4. They may have planned ahead for the possibility of divorce

Given their attitudes about marriage, it’s no real shock that prenuptial and postnuptial agreements have become popular among that age group. Those ultimately ease the way for a less-stressful divorce.

No matter what your age or generation, divorce can be a strain on your emotions and your finances. Talk to an experienced attorney about your options as soon as you suspect that divorce is imminent.


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