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How can preparing for divorce help avoid it?

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For anyone that watches reality TV or reads celebrity headlines, you have likely heard of pre- and post-nuptial agreements. Though, you may have a negative view of them as they are rarely shown in a positive light. As a result, you may not even know what pre- and postnuptial agreements do.

Pre- and postnuptial agreements

Pre- and postnuptial agreements outline a divorce. This means that the couple can work out child custody arrangements, child support payments, alimony, property division, etc., now, when you are in love, rather than when you both may hate each other. Prenuptial agreements are entered prior to the marriage, and postnuptial agreements are entered after the marriage.

We do not need one

The most common objection to pre- and postnuptial agreements is the belief that divorce will never happen, so a Riverside, California, divorce agreement is not needed. However, the unfortunate reality is that you are more likely to get a divorce than not. In fact, according to the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, over 50% of married couples will eventually divorce.

This means that, no matter how much you love your spouse now, the chance that you will divorce is better than a coin flip. This is why crafting a pre- and postnuptial agreement is an objectively smart decision.

It is a very uncomfortable conversation, right?

Yes, but the pre- and postnuptial agreement conversations are ones that you both should be having anyway. These conversations are the big conversations every couple should have before marriage. Do you want kids? How many kids? Where do you want to live? What do you want to do with your life? What happens if someone cheats? What happens if someone develops an addiction?

How does this help prevent divorce?

For those in Riverside, California, who are not already married, having these conversations now can help ensure that you should get married. And, if you both are on the same page, you enter the marriage with your eyes open and ready to build a life.

For those already in a marriage, these conversations may expose cracks in your marriage, which you can now work on. However, if you are at an impasse now, a postnuptial agreement can provide a path to keep you two together. For example, if your spouse lost a fortune gambling, a postnuptial agreement can mandate addiction treatment and penalties for noncompliance or further gambling.

Spelling out a treatment path and consequences can help the violating spouse get to a better place. And, for the violated spouse, it clearly outlines what they need to stay married.


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