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A better way to find a mate and maybe, avoid divorce

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What some people forget is that the more things differentiate us, the more things actually bring us together. One of these surprising things that bridge the gap between same-sex couples and opposite sex couples is how you can test new mates to see if they are marriage material. It can go a long way in avoiding divorce later in life.


Before explaining the new mate test, for context, the test comes from a TikTok-famous Canadian divorce attorney who frequently posts dating tips, ways to navigate divorce and ways to avoid Riverside, California, divorce. He has over 200,000 followers who eagerly await his dating advice clips.

The new mate test

According to this TikTok-dating expert, you should always pay on your first date. He explains that, whoever your date is, this person may be the person you end up marrying. And, how they react to this very first gesture can tell you volumes about who they are as a person. And, it is not about how much money is spent on that dinner. Instead, it is about the person’s reaction to you paying and whether that person feels entitled to that payment. If there is an expectation that you pay (that they deserve it), run.

Why run?

Because this entitlement is a sign of things to come. They just met you, and they already feel entitled to your money. If they already feel this sense of entitlement, think about what they will feel entitled to after a few years and at a divorce table. Run now.


On the other hand, if there is appreciation, keep going. This could be a simple thank you, an initial offer to pay or really, any sign that they do not feel entitled to your money. Of course, this advice is reductive, and everyone should take it at face value, but dating is hard, and any bit of advice can be helpful.

What about couples who are already married?

For those couples who are already married, the first date test is too late. However, if you find yourself drifting away from your partner, seek couples counseling now, before it is too late. Once a marriage fractures, it is often too late, and a Riverside, California, divorce is the next step.


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