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Communicating With Your Children

During any divorce process involving children, open and honest communication by both parents can help alleviate any fears or frustrations a child may have. While divorce is never easy for either spouse, it is more difficult for children. Placing a child in the middle of an argument does not help your divorce and certainly does not help a child come to terms with the divorce.

Talking To Children About Divorce

At Cullen Family Law Group, we aim to provide effective divorce representation for our clients and also their families. The entire family’s well-being is at stake in a divorce, not just the potential outcome of litigation. We believe in open and productive communication through negotiations, mediation and collaborative divorce. We encourage positive communication with your child about your divorce.

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How Do I Talk To My Child About Divorce?

There is no simple answer to this question. However, one thing to know is that pretending nothing is wrong and ignoring the opportunity to discuss the divorce with your child openly will most likely not help. The good news, though, is that you know your child best.

Consider asking your child if they have any questions about the custody or visitation arrangement. Be open to answering any questions they may have, no matter how hard they may be. Avoid statements that may make your child feel like they are in the middle. A child can suffer from parental alienation syndrome if they constantly hear negative comments about a parent. What is most important to remember is that your child’s best interests are at stake. Alienating them from their mother or father is almost always not in their best interests.

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