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Your Rights If One Parent Is Interfering With A Custody Order

Nothing is more important than your time with your children. If your ex refuses to let you see them or makes it difficult for you to spend time with them, problems can escalate quickly. If you find it an uphill battle to see your kids, you need an experienced child custody attorney who can help you understand your options and pursue your parental rights.

Many people have informal agreements about parenting time, but it is best to have one approved by the Court. This way, the time spent with each parent is documented — including holidays and birthdays — which is helpful when custody issues arise, such as parental interference. If the custody arrangement is documented, the noncomplying parent can be held in contempt of Court to enforce the custody and visitation agreement.

The Difference Between Direct And Indirect Interference

Parental interference refers to a noncomplying parent interfering with the custody and visitation rights of the other parent. The interference with parenting can be direct or indirect. An example of direct interference could be one parent refusing to let the other see the child. Indirect interference is subtler, such as one parent making negative comments about the other parent while the child is in their care.

Repercussions Of Interference On The Noncomplying Parent

If a formal custody plan has been approved by the courts and one parent is not complying, there are many possible consequences, depending on the severity of the offense. The courts could order makeup parenting time, a fine, or even a temporary or permanent change to the custody agreement.

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