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Property Settlement

As part of your divorce, you will be required to reach a property settlement agreement with your spouse. In California, this means all property acquired during the marriage, or marital property, must be divided. Property includes both assets and liabilities. This is often the most difficult and complex part of a divorce. If a property settlement is not reached between the parties, California community property law requires marital property to be divided equally. Having a highly skilled and experienced divorce lawyer truly makes a difference between successful and unsuccessful property settlement negotiations.

At Cullen & Murphy, we are committed to providing high-quality representation for all of our divorce settlement clients. The experienced Riverside property settlement attorneys at our firm, believe in the value of negotiating a property settlement, as opposed to focusing solely on litigation. While we understand that not all conflicts can be resolved through mediation/collaborative divorce and may require aggressive litigation, we believe parties involved would rather determine their own property settlement agreement than leave it for a judge to decide.

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Obtaining A Fair Property Settlement

Regardless of whether your property division matter is simple or complex, the resulting property settlement agreement should be a fair one. The dedicated staff at Cullen & Murphy will work tirelessly to negotiate a fair and reasonable property settlement on your behalf. This includes consulting with appraisers, accountants and tax experts who can help determine the true value of property.

Property that is often discussed during negotiations includes:

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