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Stepparent Adoptions

Stepparent adoptions are very common in California. A successful stepparent adoption terminates a biological parent’s legal rights, and the stepparent assumes both legal and financial responsibility for their spouse’s children. California requirements to accomplish a stepparent adoption vary by county.

An experienced family law attorney at Cullen Family Law Group can help you with your stepparent adoption in Riverside County or San Bernardino County. The family law attorneys at our firm are knowledgeable about the local stepparent adoption procedures. Contact our law office to speak with an adoption lawyer.

Adoption If The Parent Cannot Be Located

If the biological parent cannot be located, the Court will review the circumstances to see if that parent has abandoned the child. Abandonment in California is defined as a failure to communicate and provide support. The Court will terminate the absent parent’s legal rights if the Court has found abandonment.

Adoption If The Biological Parent Does Not Consent

If the biological parent does not consent to the adoption, the court may still grant a stepparent adoption. The court may find that there are circumstances that justify termination of the biological parent’s rights if they have been absent from the child’s life. Our compassionate family law attorneys can assist in handling termination of parental rights proceedings.

We will file the necessary documents and represent you in family court. We also handle the legal name change of the adoptee. We are familiar with the local courts and can inform you of the process of accomplishing a stepparent adoption.

Stepparent Adoptions Terminate Family Rights

If your stepparent adoption is successful, you terminate the biological parent’s legal rights, and the parent’s family’s legal rights. In some cases, grandparents may request visitation with grandchildren. Grandparents can assert their legal rights to visit the child even though their son or daughter’s parental rights have been terminated.

We work with grandparents and parents to negotiate a visitation agreement. Our Riverside law practice emphasizes mutual resolution to grandparent rights issues. Our law office is also prepared to litigate contested grandparent visitation issues if they arise.

In addition, we have a second office location in Temecula.

Contact us today to assist with any stepparent adoption issues you may be dealing with. We will listen to your unique situation and guide you to a resolution of your stepparent adoption.